Side effects medicine

Drugs That Cause Depression Symptoms, Side Effects - MedicineNet

02:42 | Author: Samantha Price

Side effects medicine
Drugs That Cause Depression Symptoms, Side Effects - MedicineNet

Learn about medicines that cause depression and medication side effects that include depression and mania.

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Medications that cause mania or depression appear to alter brain chemicals in some way. And even though the drugs may be necessary to treat the condition, the side effect is hardly acceptable. As an example, Accutane, which is prescribed for the treatment of acne, has been found to also cause depression. So have oral contraceptives, high blood pressure drugs, and even statins that treat high cholesterol.

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If you think a drug you're taking might be causing your depression, you may be right. Certain medications prescribed for various medical conditions do cause such feelings as sadness, despair, and discouragement. And those are feelings that are often associated with depression. Other medicines prescribed for medical problems can trigger mania (excessive elation and joy) that's usually associated with bipolar disorder.

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What does abuse look like? Stop Medicine Abuse

12:44 | Author: Jessica Kelly

Side effects medicine
What does abuse look like? Stop Medicine Abuse

Teens may think cough medicine abuse is less dangerous than taking prescription drugs to get high, but the side effects are harmful. Learn about warning signs.

Do you intend to talk to your teen about the dangers of cough medicine abuse?

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When taken according to label and dosing instructions to relieve cough symptoms, medicines containing DXM produce few side effects and have a long history of safety and effectiveness.

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One Injection Reverses Diabetes Symptoms Without Side Effects

08:34 | Author: Samantha Price

Side effects medicine
One Injection Reverses Diabetes Symptoms Without Side Effects

Health and Medicine. One Injection Reverses Diabetes Symptoms Without Side Effects. July 17, 2014 | by Janet Fang. Photo credit: Too much sugar in the.

July 17, 2014| by Janet Fang.

In this study, the researchers injected the protein into the bloodstream of diabetic mice and found a potent, glucose lowering effect -- without weight gain, bone loss, or fatty buildup in the liver. The work was published in Nature this week.

A single dose was enough to restore blood sugar levels to a healthy range for several days. Sustained treatment, with repeated injections over a month, reversed insulin resistance, restoring the body’s own ability to regulate blood sugar levels.

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