Diazepam images green d53

I need help with 2 pills ANHP and D53 LL

03:29 | Author: Nick Barnes

Diazepam images green d53
I need help with 2 pills ANHP and D53 LL

the pill might be from Viet Nam. Round green tablet imprinted D53 on one side and LL (two fancy cursive letters) on the other side is 10 mg diazepam, a benzodiazepine. gtrplayer's picture. User offline. Last seen 4 days 3.

The pill is available in Thailand, I don' know if it is made there or so somewhere else though. It is very cheap to buy, less than USD 0.25 per pill.

Hello abk622 and everybody who thinks of taking this yellow pill with A.N.H.P. on one side and scored on the other.

My understanding (without asking the vet!) was that this pill is thinning out the blood, that would be the medicine I'd expect treating a mild stroke. It could however also be something to calm the dog down, she was sleepy for the first couple of days, but I don't see a vet giving that to treat a mild stroke.

Any kind of pill could come from Vietnam.

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Andart The Economic Beauty of Seashells

05:18 | Author: Lauren Wood

Diazepam images green d53
Andart The Economic Beauty of Seashells

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07:27 | Author: Rachel Bennett

Diazepam images green d53
Eco Bling re-IMAGINE!

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Guestbook - Fitness Systems Manufacturing Corporation

09:56 | Author: Samantha Price

10 mg diazepam images
Guestbook - Fitness Systems Manufacturing Corporation

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